Memorial Scholarship

The Stand up seminary is proud to partner with the Shwan Yawer Memorial Scholarship Fund to offer students with limited resources a chance to participate in the world of stand up comedy.

Brian Morton (The Laugh Factory), Galway Bay, and the Yawer Family have come together to offer scholarships specifically for Stand-up Seminary students in need of financial assistance. The scholarship was established in 2018, honoring the late great Chicago comedian, and Stand-up Seminary alumn, Shwan Yawer.

Shwan started his career in comedy by working as a sound technician at The Laugh Factory in Chicago. It was during this time that Shwan not only fell in love with stand-up comedy as a fan but developed the desire to become a performer himself. He soon enrolled in the stand-up seminary which gave him the confidence to take the stage. Shwan quickly began performing at open mics, showcases, and even The Laugh Factory where it all began.


The Shwan Yawer Memorial scholarship recipients are not only those in need but are young comics who exemplify the passion, lovability, and spirit that Shwan had for comedy and lived with every day. If you would like to apply or nominate someone please complete The Shwan Yawer Memorial Scholarship Application.

For more information on the fund or to donate please contact the administrator using the form below -

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